lundi 9 juillet 2012

Third-generation ultrabooks to features 3D, sensors and HD quality interfaces

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Monica Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Monday 9 July 2012]
Intel is expected to provide design suggestions for upcoming third-generation Haswell-based ultrabooks that are aiming for release in the second quarter of 2013, with suggestions including 3D displays, high quality (HD) user interfaces and adoption of sensors are all expected, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.
With the addition of touchscreen control and security measures and new component specifications such as chassis, battery, hinge and solid state drive (SSD), the third-generation ultrabooks are expected to further realize Intel's design intents for ultrabooks, the sources noted.
For chassis, Intel has found a new chassis manufacturing method from the automobile and aerospace industries that can significantly reduce costs by 65%. The new chassis is expected to appear in 2013, allowing the third-generation ultrabooks to further drop their production costs, the sources pointed out.
Meanwhile, ultrabooks are also facing threats from Apple and its design patents for MacBook Air, and ultrabook players will need to spend more manpower and time on R&D to avoid violating these patents, noted the sources, adding that the issue has already caused some vendors to hesitate in their ultrabook plans.
Third-generation ultrabooks to feature more new designs
Third-generation ultrabooks to feature more new designs
Photo: Monica Chen, Digitimes file photo

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