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LG first to market with Curved OLED TV

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The 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV that LG will begin delivering next month
The 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV that LG will begin delivering next month
Samsung and LG were duking it out at CES this year with dueling curved OLED TVs that each claimed was a world first. But LG is getting a definitive one up on its rival by announcing it will become the first company in the world to commercialize the technology with deliveries of its Curved OLED TV set to begin in South Korea from next month.
LG’s 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV features a 55-inch screen (or 54.6-inch to be precise) with edges that curve forward on the left and right to provide a more immersive “IMAX-like” viewing experience. LG says its researchers spent five years developing the optimum curvature so that the entire screen surface is equidistant from the viewer’s eyes.
Like the non-curved 55-inch OLED TV it began shipping to Korean customers in February, the 55EA9800 features LG’s WRGB technology, which adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional red, green and blue sub pixels. Like its less curvy brethren, the TV also boasts an infinite contrast ratio regardless of ambient brightness or viewing angle.
The curved display is just 4.3 mm thick and weighs 17 kg (37.5 lb). And don’t worry if you want to wall mount the TV and you don’t live in a lighthouse because LG has created a wall mount specifically for the TV.
LG has begun accepting pre-orders for the 55EA9800 in South Korea, with deliveries set to begin through LG's more than 1,400 retail stores in May. The TV will be priced at 15 million Korean Won (about US$13,500). Pricing and release date details for other markets will be announced in the coming months.
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