dimanche 2 juin 2013

April Tablet Update: Samsung Galaxy Tablets Show Continued Growth

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  • 24 May 2013
In the three years since Apple’s iPad became the first modern web tablet available in the US, the tablet market has continued a steady growth. Tablets have worked themselves into the daily lives of both workplace and casual web browsing, and while the iPad has remained king since its launch, other devices have been gaining in popularity among users.
To determine the distribution of Web usage among leading tablet devices for the month of April 2013, Chitika Insights sampled tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian tablet ad impressions running through the Chitika Ad Network. The data used to compile current market share was drawn across the time range of April 15th to April 21st, 2013. The historical data in the charts below is drawn from the Chitika Insights February and March tablet market share reports.

Chitika Insights April Tablet Update: Samsung Galaxy Tablets Show Continued Growth The iPad has shown little fluctuation in web traffic volume so far this year, claiming 81.3% of tablet web traffic in April, up slightly from 81.0% in January. Amazon’s Kindle Fire has maintained its place as the second largest tablet in terms of Web traffic share with 7.4% of traffic in April. The Samsung Galaxy family of tablets shows the most interesting trend, as the only tablet to post gains every month since January. Web traffic share for Galaxy tablets has increased by 20.5% since January, claiming 4.7% of web traffic volume in April versus 3.9% in January. While the iPad remains by far the most popular tablet in terms of Web traffic, indicating a high level of user interaction with the devices, Android tablet users are making strides.

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