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The iPhone 5 is coming! AT&T vs. Verizon: Which carrier loves you more?

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We wrote about FastCustomer this morning, a productivity app that has saved its users 220,000 minutes on hold. The iOS and Android mobile app (Free) will actually call any company’s call center or any department you want and wait on hold for you. Productivity indeed. The app saves you time and eliminates having to deal with awful elevator music as well as figuring out which department to try and find. Check out our full story on the app here.

In anticipation for the iPhone 5 (is this it?!), FastCustomer made this fun website today called “Which Carrier Do You Love?” with some awesome stats on Verizon vs. AT&T. Turns out that AT&T customers wait on hold 4 times longer than Verizon customers and AT&T drops nearly twice as many calls but Verizon iPhone customers are only slightly more satisfied than AT&T’s. The only winning record for AT&T? The company rocks at reaching out on Twitter. The data was pulled from FastCustomer’s own usage data, research from Changewave, CNN Tech, TG Daily, and by counting each Twitter account’s responses during one 24-hour business day.

Don’t miss FastCustomer’s site to cast your vote for which carrier you love more. Right now, Verizon is in the lead 216-167.

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