mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Low priced tablet PCs may bring down supply chain gross margins

Yenting Chen, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 15 November 2011]
Price competition between Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the 7-inch tablet PC market is likely to squeeze the gross margins of Taiwan-based upstream suppliers, according to industry sources.
Amazon will officially begin to sell its 7-inch Kindle Fire tablets at US$199 on November 15, while Barnes & Noble will start marketing its 7-inch Nook Tablets at US$249 on November 18, the sources indicated.
Pre-sale orders for Kindle Fire tablets has reportedly reached 1.5 million units, and Amazon may take delivery of up to five million units before year-end 2011 if sales momentum continues after November 15, the sources asserted.
While outsourcing the production of the 7-inch Kindle Fire to Quanta Computer, Amazon reportedly plans to add new makers to its supplier list for touch modules and touch sensors in 2012 – a move which may push Taiwan makers to lower their quotes in order to win orders.
Barnes & Noble has taken delivery of 2-2.5 million Nook Color e-book readers since the device launched in November 2010 and is expected to order 800,000-900,000 units of Nook Tablet initially, the sources indicated.

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