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A guide to HR technology

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This guide tells you everything you need to know about HR technology

Human Resources technology helps in all areas of a business from recruitment to retirement. HR Technology improves the HR’s ability to use data in a more efficient way.
In this HR technology guide you will find news, analysis and downloadable resources on the topic.

HR technology case studies

HR TechnologyCompanies need to think about user experience as HR technology takes off. 
Companies are replacing 10-year old, on-premise HR systems, with cloud based alternatives, says consultant Jason Averbrook.
HP and Diageo take different paths to cloud-based HR 
HP and Diageo took very different approaches when they deployed cloud-based HR software from Workday.
Engineering firm aims to automate HR system for 150,000 employees
Power and automation company ABB is to automate and simplify its HR processes.
Toyota e-learning upgrade aims to cut mechanics' training time by up to a year 
Car distributor Toyota Motor Europe is turning to e-learning to manage the training and certification.
Charity uses cloud HR system to keep track of staff working in danger zones 
There were 900 charity workers from the World Vision International in Haiti when the quake struck in 2010.
Misys expects payback in 12 months from Talent Management system
Financial services software company Misys has rolled out a talent management platform for over 4,000 employees.
HR technology booming as businesses turn to the cloud
Over the next 18 months, 60% of companies plan to roll out HR technology solutions, says analyst group Bersin by Deloitte.
Google mines data to identify the best managers
What makes a good manager? Google has turned to data analytics technology to find out.
Telefonica Digital saves 40% with cloud HR platform
Telefonica Digital is investing in a cloud-based HR system to manage its 6,500 worldwide workforce.
Aviva reduces costs by 30% with cloud-based HR system
Aviva claims to have saved over £1m a year in reduced software licence fees after completing the first stage of a project to replace its Oracle-based HR systems.
Shell plans to save 100s of millions with 'semantic' search
Royal Dutch Shell aims to cut training time for engineers.
CERN sees surge in job applicants after turning to social media
CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), has seen a surge in job applicants for hard-to-fill vacancies.

HR technology news and features

HR TechnologyCompanies are not taking advantage of data analytics, research says 
Companies need to think about user experience as HR technology takes off.
The perfect storm comes to talent management 
It is one of the most important areas of business, but talent management has been largely ignored by the IT industry – until now.
Technology will make businesses more 'human'
Costas Markides, professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School, predicts that technology will make organisations less hierarchical, more decentralised and more democratic – in other words more human.
Businesses turn to analytics to motivate employees 
Investors are increasingly placing businesses under scrutiny over the way they engage and manage their workforce.
Cloud, big data and social media transforming HR
Business professionals that combine an understanding of HR and IT are helping to transform the way companies manage workforce.
Google searches the internet for talented employees 
Google is using the internet to track down potential recruits with the skills and experience to become high-flyers.
Beware of unfair SaaS HR contracts
Businesses must be wary of signing unfair contracts as software as a service takes over from traditional HR technology.
HR systems integration is a costly problem
Enterprises are wasting millions trying to integrate human resources (HR) systems that are not designed to communicate with each other, according to HR managers.
Big data could transform staff management
Data analytics has the potential to help businesses make dramatic returns by managing their workforce more effectively.
HR needs to understand business to avoid IT failures 
The failure of human resources departments to understand how a business works is a common reason why HR IT projects fail.
Forrester: Do your employees advocate for your company?
In challenging economic times, CEOs are famous for saying things like "Everyone's in sales!"

Downloadable resources on HR technology

A CW buyer’s guide to Human Capital Management 
Computer Weekly looks at what steps the industry has taken to improve talent management; bridging the gap between the cost savings promised by cloud technologies and the value they deliver.
Download: Sap and SuccessFactors Break Adoption Silos
More than a full year after SAP acquired SuccessFactors, the mid-year analyst briefing finds the company at a crossroads. SuccessFactors customers are clearly seeking to adopt an “all-in-one” cloud-based solution while the SAP customers remain comfortable with their on-premise investments.
Download: CW Buyers Guide: Human Resource Management
The number of human resources management systems coming to market is rapidly increasing, offering a broader set of functions than ever before. In this 10-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the technologies available and what they can offer to organisations planning to implement such a system.
Download: Technology value matrix: Human Resources solutions 
Most small and medium businesses (SMBs) and all large enterprises employ human resources (HR) functionality to manage their employees. Even though many vendors offer HR solutions, these solutions may require integration with other HR software or with enterprise resource planning (ERP) to cover the functionality companies need.
Some vendors differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing HR solutions built on new technologies, often times delivered in the cloud, and which can also be accessed on mobile devices. Others decide to keep their core HR modules, add extra functionality, and make everything available either on premises or in the cloud.
Nucleus Research believes that both approaches have advantages and disadvantages that customers should take into consideration when choosing and implementing an HR solution.

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