mardi 18 février 2014

12 privacy-destroying technologies that should scare you

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Technology is evil only through its misuse, and in the case of this dirty dozen the potential for abuse is frightening

By Andy PatrizioITworld, January 25, 2014

Build a better mousetrap, and someone will use it to kill humans. It seems inevitable that technological advances always seem to come with misuses or some kind of maluse. The technology isn't bad, just its use.
So as technology advances and gets smaller and more accurate, it seems some people have been finding ways to spy on and intrude into our lives. I try not to fall for the tinfoil hat nonsense that you find on places like Alex Jones's site or, but sometimes it's hard not to. And in practice, as critical infrastructure security adviser Steve Hunt puts it, Americans are notoriously willing to give up privacy in many instances.

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