dimanche 16 février 2014

10 trends in IT spending for 2014

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After years of maintenance-only spending, IT leaders are ready to invest. Find out which technologies -- and which IT professionals -- are pulling down the dough.

By Beth Stackpole , Computerworld, January 22, 2014

IT opens its wallet
Optimism is finally returning to the IT sector after years of fiscal gloom as companies intensify spending and open the door to new hires.

IT departments are girding to move full speed ahead with projects in the hot areas of big data, mobile and the cloud, according to TEKsystems' 2014 Annual IT Forecast, an online survey of 900 IT leaders in the United States and Canada.

"IT leaders have more overall confidence," reports Jason Hayman, research manager for TEKsystems, an IT services, staffing and talent management company.  "The 'do only maintenance, stand on the sidelines' mentality is finally being put aside."

Read on to find out where IT plans to spend its money in 2014.

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