dimanche 2 octobre 2011

iPhone 4S: Our predictions

iPhone 5 hot topic

Apple will unveil its new iPhone on 4 October. The invites have been sent, the venue is booked, and new Apple CEO Tim Cook is practicing his "one more thing" face for Tuesday's tech congregation.

If you've been following our complete iPhone 5 guide, you'll know the rumour mill is starting to give a solid indication of what the next God-phone might offer. But there is one other strong rumour going round -- there won't be an iPhone 5 at all, but something called the iPhone 4S.

Whatever the new phone is called, there are some things about it we're pretty certain of. A dual-core A5 processor will sit at its heart of this mobile beast, just as it does in the iPad 2. A better camera, possibly with 8 megapixels, will ensure your photos are bursting with colour, and it might see an improved flash. That and the processor boost will keep our columnist Jon Bentley happy.

Photo Booth, the quirky portrait snapper first seen on Mac computers and the iPad, could come to the iPhone, so you can morph your face into a boggle-eyed alien or strap yourself with Johnny Bravo's chin. We've all done it at home, and now we can do it on the train. Alright, it's not a pressing upgrade, but the tech behind this could lead to something more interesting in the future, namely 3D head-tracking.

But the real show-stopper could be how the iPhone will become your own personal assistant, by marrying voice recognition to the mobile's GPS chip. Demand a coffee, and the iPhone 4S could prepare directions to the nearest cafe. Insist it reminds you to buy Coco Pops on the way home from work, and it could do exactly that when you leave the office, without touching a to-do app. It'll know when you leave thanks to iOS 5's geo-aware reminder app.

Even better is how Assistant will connect to the online supercomputer Wolfram Alpha. From social statistics to dictionary definitions, all will be available if you ask the right question. Geeky, but game changing -- particularly to students and scientists.

Voice recognition seems corny, but Assistant marks Apple's entry to both search and artificial intelligence. Expect Google to sit in a corner and cry.

We're as confident as Evil Knievel on these points, but make sure you read our complete rumour guide for every drip of speculation. Remember to share our infographic video on the history of the iPhone too.

Will you queue for the iPhone? Is Assistant going to change your world? Let us know in the comments section below, or over on our Facebook page.


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