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Shaping the Future of Marketing

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Monster’s Jean Paul Isson talks –– CMA Analytics Conference, January 29

Jean Paul IssonOn January 29th, we’re talking data at the CMA Analytics Conference at the Toronto Board of Trade. We’ve called on the industry’s biggest movers and shakers to dish their insider secrets and tips to get you up-to-speed on marketing’s newest and most critical currency.
Progressive organizations recognize that competing in this new paradigm means moving away from making decisions based on intuition and moving toward adopting a culture of fact-based decision-making. Our goal is to take you beyond simple reporting to leveraging those metrics for real change.
To bring us up-to-speed on what to expect at the big event, we chatted with Jean Paul Isson -- author and Global VP Predictive Analytics & BI at Monster Worldwide. He’s slated to deliver the day’s Closing Keynote on his seven pillars to win in Big Analytics. Here’s what he had to say about the biz and the conference…

What makes the CMA Analytics Conference a must-attend event?

This conference offers a unique opportunity to hear extensive real world case studies from a diverse group of experts. We will also hear how the old days of "spray-and-pray" in marketing are over. The recent explosion of digital information (Big Data) makes for the best era to be in marketing. These experts will share how you can track and measure everything you do. Marketing today is a combination of art and a lot of science (analytics). This conference will show how analytics is the new currency in today’s marketing world.

In your expert opinion, how do you see analytics evolving over the next five years? (JP’s list was long, but here are a few ways!)

  • Analytics will become a standard at any organization.
  • Companies without an analytics team will lag behind and could be out of business.
  • There will be less focus on data, big or small, and more focus on actionable insights.
  • Visual analytics will become ubiquitous, offering analytics access to a broader audience.
  • Data science will become a specialized department within the organization, helping to solve social problems.
  • Analytics will harness the power of the customer’s voice, providing businesses with 360 degree information on customers’ needs preferences.
  • Data will become less valuable, while analytical insights will become more valuable; predictive modeling becomes the new de facto standard.

At Monster, you're credited with building their first team of analytic sharks. In a nutshell, how are metrics able to drive such change in an organization?

Monster is an innovative company and relying on fact-based decisions and analytics across the enterprise was critical for its success. The great thing about leveraging a business analytics framework is the opportunity to measure the ROI on those Analytics. The main incentives for buy-in from the executive team were increases in key metrics such as:
  • customer retention double digits growth,
  • sales and marketing productivity and
  • customer wallet share and satisfaction.

For those new to the wonderful world of data collection and analysis, can you suggest a manageable jumping off point?

Don't be scared about the data, big or small. The first step is to clearly define the business goal or challenges you seek to address. Start small, test and learn. In my book, I broadly cover a framework I have been using to win with advanced business analytics. At the conference, I will be talking about the seven key pillars.

You'll be delivering the day's Closing Keynote. Can you tease us with one great nugget from your talk?

Analytics are becoming mainstream. Did you know that Big Data Analytics could help you get the most powerful job in the world?
Here's the complete agenda, list of speakers and steps to register for the CMA Analytics Conference.
Until soon ––
Anna Duckworth

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