mardi 10 juin 2014

Internet Explorer Has Basically Been Annihilated By Google's Chrome Browser

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Back in the prehistoric era — 2008 — Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser roamed the web like a diplodocus, eating everything in its path. As many as 90% of users saw the internet via Explorer.
Today, Explorer can't even command a simple majority of users. Google's Chrome browser is now the most popular web viewer, with 31.8% of the market. On mobile devices, probably the most important arena for browsers right now due to its growth, Explorer barely exists: only 1.8% of users see the mobile web via Explorer.
Explorer appears to be trapped on desktop, where it still holds a plurality, 43.3% to Chrome's 30.6%. Our data came from AdobeChart via Statista.
chrome browser share shart of the day
Statista / Adobe

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