jeudi 20 mars 2014

New wearable technology uses: Customer interactions and business value

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Emily McLaughlin, Associate Site Editor
The myriad uses for new wearable technology in the enterprise range from boosting productivity to make staff more effective to gathering information vital to making your business tick to providing the tools to help keep employees fit. So what's your business case for wearable technology?


Consumer tech in the workplace
What to do with wearable data
In SearchCIO's wearables-themed tweet jam, our Twitter followers weighed in on the business value and their desired use cases for new wearable technology, starting with the benefits it can deliver employees in the field:

This is all just the beginning. In addition to making work easier for people on the go or working in the field, wearable technology offers organizations a unique way to derive value from customer interactions. SearchCIO asked:

From a marketing perspective, organizations can track user behavior on a whole new level with wearable technology. Increased customer use of smartphones to make purchases has already shed some light on customer interactions, but biometrics add a whole new dimension:

And file this under healthy body, healthy mind: An industry already seeing heavy use of wearable technology is healthcare, and CIOs can use new wearable technology to boost their employees' health -- and, we surmise, productivity -- as well. Some HR departments are dishing out fitness wearables and offering gym or insurance discounts to those who demonstrate they use them:

Businesses concerned with customer retention (i.e., all of them) should pay close attention to these final tweets from #CIOChat participants. Interacting with customers is undergoing a reinvention because of the direct communication enabled by wearable technology:

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