BII_Mobile Ease Of Use
Smartphone- and tablet-based searches for hotel rooms and airline tickets are growing in the double- and triple-digits in major markets. Travel companies have realized they need to invest a great deal more in mobile apps and cloud services, and try to out-innovate their competition on mobile. 
“Mobile is an absolutely critical piece of our strategy. Long term, it’s the center of everything we’re doing,” Joost Schreve, TripAdvisor’s vice president of mobile, said in an exclusive interview with Business Insider Intelligence.
We spoke with Schreve, and canvassed other sources in order to provide a cross-section of what major travel players — including Airbnb, Expedia, and Yelp — are doing on mobile. We found there's plenty of innovation underway, but that there's still a gap in terms of what customers would like to see on mobile, and the services that they're actually receiving. This gap is leading to lost sales and lost opportunities. For example, two-thirds or more of travelers in major markets said they'd be more likely to book trips on mobile if apps and sites were easier to use. (See chart, above.)
Here are some of our other findings: 
The report is full of charts and data that can be easily downloaded and put to use. This report updates our popular 2013 report on mobile travel, "The Mobile Tourist: How Smartphones Are Shaking Up The Travel Market." Both reports are available to subscribers. 
In full, the report: