jeudi 13 mars 2014

For SaaS users, computer security can be risky business

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Christine Cignoli

Software as a Service has morphed into a viable option for many enterprise applications. It's a happy progression for users and can take an awful lot of maintenance, management and sheer infrastructure off of IT's plate. But plenty of challenges come with SaaS: IT teams lose visibility into what users are doing and are still being asked for help by those users without necessarily getting great support from the SaaS vendors.
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Editors from the Modern Infrastructure e-zine discuss these SaaS challenges in this podcast, plus another issue: SaaS users, according to a recent study, tend to engage in more risky behavior. In this case, that means leaving SaaS applications open and playing fast and loose with passwords. Mike Kane from Softchoice, which conducted the survey, joins the podcast to discuss.
This month's Modern Infrastructure podcast -- and the February issue of Modern Infrastructure -- explores what the cloud means for IT, and some of the human concerns around the trend toward cloud. But fear not SaaS, and fear not the cloud. So far, these trends don't mean that IT is being outsourced, only that IT teams' jobs are changing, leading managers and admins do more interesting work.

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