dimanche 2 mars 2014

Carbon Wearable Solar Charger

A lire sur: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/02/carbon-wearable-solar-charger/

Carbon Wearable Solar ChargerThe modern day road warrior has a slew of devices that he or she carries around, and these devices need charging on a daily basis – at least the most of them anyways. There are times when we are so overwhelmed with the number of devices that we have to charge, that our memory might fail us. How about ensuring that you have a source of energy to tide you over during emergencies? That is what the Carbon project on Kickstarter is all about. Carbon, by Energy Bionics! happens to be a wearable solar charger which resembles that of a watch on your wrist, and it boasts of the ability to juice up your iPhone, Android and other compatible mobile devices even when you are on the move.
The standard battery in a mobile device does not last as long as we would like, and Carbon steps up to save the day. Boasting a fit and form that were influenced by high end watches, it will harvest solar energy as it is worn on your wrist, with the ability to be charged by USB if there is not enough sunlight throughout the day. Electrical energy from the solar cell will be stashed in a high density 650 mAh lithium polymer battery, where it will play nice with devices that are compatible with Carbon’s energy output of 1 Amp, 5 Volts and 5 Watts. [Kickstarter Campaign]

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