dimanche 23 mars 2014

bring your own wearables

A lire sur: http://searchcio.techtarget.com/definition/bring-your-own-wearables

Bring your own wearables (BYOW) is a trend toward the use of employee-ownedwearable computing devices in a business setting. 
Wearable technology includes consumer products such as fitness and health monitors, smartwatches linked to mobile phones, smart eyewear such as Google Glass. A move toward bring your own wearables will require companies to reevaluate existing device policies to accommodate the security threats, that wearables can introduce to the enterprise.
Other BYO-trends include BYO-devicesBYO-appsBYO-networkBYO-encryption andBYO-identity.
Contributor(s): Emily McLaughlin
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