lundi 2 décembre 2013

Weekend Reading: Tech that Will Disrupt the Future

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It seems like there’s always a new app, feature or “hot new thing” these days. But what will truly revolutionize the world of tech and the way we live? Three recent SlideShares highlight innovations that could have big impact.
Technology-Powered Superhumans
Are “transhumans” the future of mankind? Transhumanism is “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations by means of science and technology,” says the Institute of Customer Experience. Take, for instance, South African runner Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, who has J-shaped fiber prosthetics below the knee. Or Rob Spence, who replaced his right eye with a video camera. A look at how technology is advancing the human race:
Beyond the Bullet Train
Elon Musk‘s much-talked about Hyperloop hopes to create a transportation system that runs between San Francisco and Los Angeles in 35 minutes. That’s 800 MPH. The team at Stinson Designgives us a rendering of what the project entails, from the $7.5 billion price tag to the energy requirements (it would run off solar power).
The Future of Silicon Valley
Loic Le Meur highlights the latest Silicon Valley trends, from wearable technology like Google Glass to online education sites like Khan Academy and “collaborative economy” apps like Airbnb. What will be next?
What technologies do you think will upturn our lives? Let us know in the comments, or upload your deck showcasing the future!

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