mardi 24 décembre 2013

Report predicts wearable device shipments will near 130m by 2018

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A new report compiled by technology analysts Juniper Research is predicting that wearable device shipments will near 130m come 2018 – a ten-fold increase on Juniper’s last estimate published earlier in the year.
The marked revision follows improved sentiment in relation to the allure of gadgets such as smart watches and glasses, associated chiefly with a rise in consumer awareness borne out of a succession of product launches.
Not all is sunshine and light for the sector however with the report also warning of a number of social and legal barriers which may still inhibit adoption of the technology – chiefly in relation to privacy concerns from carrying concealed recording equipment.
Juniper speculates that such concerns are likely to prompt governments to introduce new regulatory frameworks to legislate their use.
Smart Wearable Devices: Fitness, Healthcare, Entertainment & Enterprise: 2013-2018 author Nitin Bhas commented: “Even though wearables are relatively new in terms of market maturity, it is clear that the market, for example the smart watch in particular, will be – as per smartphones – a somewhat crowded affair.”

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