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Single-Use Bioreactor System

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Mon, 12/09/2013 - 10:31am
Cellexus Ltd. offers the CellMaker PLUS, a single-use bioreactor system that comes with control software and full pH and dissolved oxygen control. The system is designed for microbial applications, especially bacterial and yeast cell culture, providing high ODs and improved yields of soluble protein in oxygen hungry cell types such as E.coli.

The system provides oxygen transfer allowing high rates of cell growth outperforming bacterial and yeast cell culture in other systems. It uses CellMaker PLUS Bags, which are single-use, disposable cell culture bags in which the cells are grown with fast set-up times, no cleaning requirements, and no cross-contamination. The Cbags also come with disposable pH and DO sensors to enable pH and DO to be closely monitored and controlled in the system. The CellMaker PLUS employs airlift technology to mix and aerate the cells. The device also monitors and controls pH levels with automatic addition of acid and base when required to ensure pH is maintained at the optimal level for best cell growth. The bioreactor bags form a product range manufactured under cleanroom conditions and to the ISO standards required by the biopharmaceutical industry.

System controls are displayed on a touch screen on which users can amend user definable functions. Process conditions are displayed in real time and data stored on the on board computer and presented as a CSV file for manipulation in a spreadsheet format. The CellMaker bioreactor products come with built-in chiller units to enable precise temperature control and an oxygen generator, which removes the need for piped gas and enables controlled aeration during the cell culture process. The gentle flow of gas bubbles mixes the contents of the CellMaker Bag with the bag design improving aeration and reducing foaming.

Cellexus Ltd.

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