AmazoneBay and Wal-Mart have achieved something remarkable. With millions of apps and websites competing for attention, each has carved out a mass audience on mobile and have become the top three mobile commerce properties in the U.S.
How have they succeeded? For the three, mobile isn't just a "sales channel," but a thoughtful means of connecting with customers, to draw them in, earn their loyalty, encourage their sharing of useful data, and nudge them toward more lifetime purchases. 
In a new BI Intelligence report, we look at the statistics behind eBay and Amazon's transition from PC-based e-commerce to the mobile computing era. Their success wasn't a given. Wal-Mart, meanwhile, is perhaps the biggest surprise mobile retail leader. The company is striving to move faster on mobile than it did in PC-based e-commerce. 
Here are some of the most important facts about the Big Three mobile retailers: 
In full, the report: