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Analytics Business Process Services (BPS) - Deciphering the Analytics Code

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ID: EGR-2013-10-R-1002
November 2013


Analytics has moved from hype to reality sooner than expected. Increasingly, affordable data storage systems, and ever increasing use of Internet, mobile, and social media is driving synthesis and assimilation of colossal amounts of data. This is, in turn, pushing organizations to explore means to process this structured and unstructured data effectively and obtain meaningful insights that can enable better-quality decision making. Consequently, companies are leveraging analytics to assess the business environment accurately, understand customer needs, streamline and automate processes, identify underlying patterns, and predict future trends.
In this research, we analyze the current trends, key applications, and broad service provider landscape for analytics Business Process Services (BPS). We focus on:
  • Understanding analytics: Key elements, processes, functions, and deployment areas
  • Market size, value proposition, key drivers, and challenges
  • Analytics solution characteristics
  • Major service provider categories and capabilities
Analytics process chain

Scope of analysis

  • Analytics BPS offered by either BPO providers or analytics-focused specialists. It excludes pure IT services implementation of an analytics solution
  • Coverage across all major industries and functional areas
Technology architecture and model


This report provides a comprehensive understanding of an analytics solution with a focus on the business process services aspect. It analyzes the analytics business process services market across various dimensions such as market size, current and expected market growth, value proposition and key business drivers, challenges in adoption, buyer adoption trends, solution characteristics, and service provider landscape. The report also highlights implications of analytics trends for buyers and service providers and factors affecting the choice of analytics provider.
Some of the findings in this report are:
  • Analytics is the discipline of gaining meaningful insights through data interpretation, leading to better decision making. Analytics solutions have an IT aspect and a BPS aspect (providing people competency and analytics expertise). This study focuses on the BPS aspect of the analytics solution
  • Analytics BPS market is around US$1.5 to 2 billion in size and growing at the rate of over 30%
  • The United States leads analytics BPS adoption with over 70% market share. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) & retail and Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) are the most mature adopters of analytics BPS
  • Value proposition of analytics BPS goes beyond the direct-cost impact, and focuses on driving top-line growth and managing risk and compliance
  • Analytics BPS solutions can be either industry-agnostic horizontal solutions or vertical-specific
  • The analytics BPS provider landscape can be divided into BPO providers and analytics-focused specialists. Each segment has a different and unique value proposition and go-to-market strategy
  • Various service providers are investing in analytics along four major dimensions – developing Big Data-handling capabilities, developing sophisticated prediction and prescription capabilities, growing industry-specific scale and expertise, and focusing on risk management solutions-based work

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