BII big data volume
BI Intelligence
The world's largest social networks are storing massive amounts of never-before-analyzed data that could reveal crucial information about consumers — from how people arrive at purchase decisions, to what services or goods they may need in the near future.
Potentially, this data could also make social networks like Facebook and Pinterest do a better job of showing users what they want to see, rather than content and ads they'd rather not waste time on. However, as much as 90% of the data is "unstructured," meaning it's spontaneously generated and not easily captured and classified. 
In a new report from BI Intelligence, we show how advances in "deep learning," cutting-edge artificial intelligence research that attempts to program machines to perform high-level thought and abstractions, are helping social networks and their advertisers glean insights from this vast ocean of unstructured consumer data. Thanks to deep learning, social media has the potential to become far more personalized. New marketing fields are quickly emerging, too: audience clustering, predictive marketing, and sophisticated brand sentiment analysis.
Here are some of the key takeaways from the report: